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    • 3D Real-time Drilling Trajectory Monitoring System  2015-12-11
    •    Real-time 3D drilling trajectory monitoring system realizes the 3D visualization of the real-time trajectory and logging curves in Web with the advanced computer technology. Meanwhile, by displaying both plan trajectory and target, it provides the determined basis for …

    • 3D Wellbore Imaging Software  2015-12-11
    •    Borehole image logging technology has the distinct advantage in complex oil and gas reservoir evaluation with the features of large amount of information carriage, high vertical resolution and orientation detection. Logging 3D visualization technology can provide…

    • AutoMon, IWMon - ?Automatic Water Injection Monitoring ...  2016-1-12
    • 1.Product Introduction

      Research and develop independently by SunShine, AutoMon is a software that automatic collecting and monitoring the water injection information based on Oracle. It can automatic collecting the real-time water injection information, monitoring…

    • Comprehensive Reservoir Study Based on A1 and A2 System  2015-12-11
    •    By directly accessing and utilizing the information in A1 and A2 database, the system can execute the integrated geological and reservoir analysis, to recovery the reservoir development history of geological elements, determine …

    • Evaluation well yield and diagnosis system by dynamomet...  2015-12-11
    •  Evaluation well yield and diagnosis system by dynamometer card is able to diagnose about two dozen of common working conditions in oil wells objectively and effectively. It identified pump diagram with combined methods of geometric features…

    • GeoMaster Comprehensive seismic and geologic analysis i...  2015-12-11
    •  GeoMaster is a set of integration software system and platform which takes full use of advanced computer technology, logging data, mud logging data, geochemical data, core analysis data, geological basic data and seismic data, and processes multi wells…

    • GeoModel - 3D Reservoir Modeling Software  2016-1-11
    •     GeoModel is the comprehensive 3D reservoir modeling software. Based on the logging interpretation, seismic interpretation and Oilfield geology study results, and specified to one or more reservoir, the software utilizes the advanced computer technology, delineates….

    • GeoModel 3D Reservoir geology modeling software  2015-12-11
    •  GeoModel 3D Reservoir geology modeling software is the comprehensive reservoir geological modeling software. Based on the logging interpretation, seismic interpretation and Oilfield geology study results, and specific to one or more reservoir, the software…

    • Geo-Pole Trajectory Design and Analysis for Directional...  2015-12-11
    •  Geo-Pole is a professional application dedicated to the complicated designing, calculating and outputting worksheets, reports and maps for both directional and horizontal wells.

    • GeoPPM formation pressure analysis and prediction syste...  2015-12-11
    •  GeoPPM formation pressure analysis and prediction system realizes the accurate prediction, monitoring and detection of the abnormal pressure by taken full use of drilling data, to provide timely reference data to wellsite operations in order to eliminate the…